Davisville, Sept. 4, 2023: Investors buy land for a ‘dream city’ next door to Yolo County

Fairfield Mayor Catherine Moy was among the first people a few years ago to draw attention to extensive and secretive land purchases in Solano County by Flannery Associates. Who the buyers are, and what they wanted, has now become much clearer thanks to reporting from The New York Times and other media — Flannery wants to build a green “dream city” from scratch on rural, arid land in southeastern Solano County, one of the least-populated parts of the greater Bay Area and Yolo County’s southwestern neighbor. The backers include some of the wealthiest people in America, with ties to Silicon Valley.

Today on Davisville, Moy criticizes the idea, says the opposition is large and growing, and chides the buyers for conceiving big plans involving Solano County while not engaging the people who live there. “I have literally had several hundred people [in Solano County] contact me,” she says, "and about 95, 96 percent want them to go away. For a number of reasons.”

After this interview was recorded, Flannery began saying more about its plans. This SFGATE article has details.

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