Davisville, Sept. 20, 2021: Amid drought and frightening wildfires, Davis is relatively fortunate

The sun of 2021, by Mark Deamer.jpg

Resisting an angry sun, illustration by Mark Deamer

The prediction a few weeks ago, inspired by this year’s ravaging wildfires, that “every acre [in California] can and will burn” — does that really apply to Davis? And if the drought continues through this coming winter and spring, does Davis have the water it needs? Today we talk with Stan Gryczko, director of Public Works Utilities & Operations for the city, and Joe Tenney, Davis fire chief, about the city’s water supplies, conservation, and the fire risks facing Davis in 2021.

(Credits: Illustration by Mark Deamer; excerpt from “Song of the Sea” written and played by Randy Mahrer)

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