Davisville, Sept. 9, 2019: Bike City’s plans feature original plays, sketch comedy, improv, more

Yancher, Marsh-Krauter, of Bike City.jpg

J.R. Yancher and Sarah Marsh-Krauter of Bike City Theatre Co.

One of the offbeat ways to measure a town is to look at the variety, ambition and success of its live theater. Davis has been home to different theater startups this decade. Some endure and some have shut, but the creative impulse to bring more theater to Davis – and the belief that Davis will support the interest – continues. Today we talk with two people from the not-quite-2-year-old Bike City Theatre Company: J.R. Yancher, the producing artistic director, and Sarah Marsh-Krauter, the literary manager and dramaturg. They talk about the company’s Davis roots, what they want to achieve, the performances they’d like to bring to town, and their plans to engage UC Davis students – and to expand local audiences by attracting people who think live theater has nothing to offer them.

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