Davisville, Sept. 11, 2017: Imagining America, from Davis

Milmon, Erica (1).jpg

Milmon Harrison, Erica Kohl-Arenas

If Americans are less certain these days about who we are as a nation, maybe Imagining America can help. The nationwide network, created by a White House initiative in 1999, says its purpose is to bring together scholars, artists, students, designers and cultural organizers to “address the most pressing issues of our time.” This summer it moved to UC Davis from Syracuse, N.Y. On today’s show we talk with two UC Davis faulty members who help lead the network: Erica Kohl-Arenas, associate professor in American Studies and Imagining America’s new faculty director; and Milmon Harrison, associate professor in African American and African Studies.  We discuss the network, what it wants to achieve, its conference on campus next month, and why it chose Davis as its new home.