Davisville (repeat from 2019): How to decide if something is historic ... or simply old

(This program first aired on April 8, 2019) As Davis grows and evolves, what parts of its history should it keep? Scott Miltenberger, a professional historian who chairs the city’s Historical Resources Management Commission, has suggestions.

On today’s program, first aired in April 2019, we talk about what "historical resources" are – the term is not just another word for old – and how the criteria are applied, including recently to the Mad Men-era building at 3820 Chiles that was torn down to make way for housing. We also talk about the closed Freeborn concert hall on campus, how to tell when the desire to preserve history is really just resistance to change, and one of his favorite historic locations in town: the city's first bike lanes (early Davis photo courtesy of Bob Sommer).

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