Davisville, Oct. 29, 2018: This killer's story challenges law that says a 15-year-old should never be tried as an adult

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Front page of the Davis Enterprise

Daniel Marsh was a few weeks short of 16 when he murdered Mary Northup’s father Oliver “Chip” Northup Jr., and Chip's wife Claudia Maupin, in their Davis home in 2013. As Lauren Keene has written in the Davis Enterprise, "the brutality of [the killings] stunned seasoned law enforcement as well as the community at large." Marsh was convicted as an adult in 2014, but after voters approved a change in state law in 2016, Marsh won a Yolo court hearing that asked if he should now be transferred to the juvenile justice system. The transfer -- rejected by the court last week -- could have meant he’d be released at 25. On today’s program Mary Northup talks about the hearing, listening to Marsh in court, the change in California law that will soon forbid 15-year-olds from being tried as adults, and balancing rehabilitation against protecting the public.