Davisville, Oct. 26, 2020: Stories from the Book of Lists


the 2004 Book of Lists

So … have you heard about the Book of Lists? Did you even know they exist? The lists collect information about Greater Sacramento and other large cities and metros nationwide – not just statistics that might interest an accountant, but also lists like minority- or women-owned businesses, or largest employer in Yolo County, or fastest-growing companies. You can learn a lot about an area by reading them. My guest today has helped research and create these lists for 36 years in our area: Sharon Havranek, who will retire as senior director of research for the Sacramento Business Journal at the end of 2020. Today we hear what the lists are all about, including some of the colorful details—such as the time they counted cars in an employees’ parking lot to help figure out how many people worked for a prominent but reticent company, and why she decided never to repeat the list of top state Lottery sales outlets.

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