Davisville, Oct. 1, 2018: Gene Parsons talks about Mendocino Quartet, plus 1969’s Dr. Byrds and Mr. Hyde

Gene, today and in 1969.jpg

Gene Parsons, today and in 1969

Musician Gene Parsons, who will perform in Davis with the rest of the Mendocino Quartet on Oct. 13, returns to Davisville this week for a discussion that largely has two parts: the quartet, and a few memories about the first LP he recorded with the Byrds -- Dr. Byrds and Mr. Hyde.

Dr. Byrds followed the popular band's late 1968 country-rock breakthrough record, Sweetheart of the Rodeo. Dr. Byrds is not among Parsons’ favorite Byrds records – he prefers Untitled and Ballad of Easy Rider – but he agrees that the playing of Clarence White is one of the attractions of Dr. Byrds. White, a widely admired guitarist, died in 1973 at age 29 after he was struck by a drunk driver. “You hear a lot of Clarence in there [on Dr. Byrds],” Parsons says, “figuring out how he’s going to work with this band.”

The photo shows Parsons today and in 1969. The Mendocino Quartet -- Steven Bates, David Hayes, Gwyneth Moreland and Parsons -- will play at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 13 at the Odd Fellows Hall, 415 2nd St. in downtown Davis. Parsons previously appeared on Davisville in 2016 and 2009.