Davisville, Nov. 29, 2021: California is redrawing its legislative districts; here's how it looked last time around

From the 2011 interview, Stan Forbes and Bill Buchanan.jpg

From the 2011 interview, Stan Forbes and Bill Buchanan

Today's program re-broadcasts a March 2011 Davisville interview with Stan Forbes, a former Davis City Council member who was one of 14 members of the first California Citizens Redistricting Commission a decade ago. Every 10 years, following the U.S. Census, the commission redraws the boundaries of the state's congressional, state Senate, Assembly and Board of Equalization districts to reflect the state's changing population and "create districts of relatively equal population that will provide fair representation for all Californians."

This fall, the 2021 version of the commission is presenting its draft maps for the 2020s, and is collecting comments for about another month. This interview from 2011 presents the roots of this effort to reduce gerrymandering and put more power in the hands of California's voters.

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