Davisville, May 28, 2018: When you’re looking for regional solutions, talk to Martin Tuttle

Martin Tuttle 051418.jpg

Martin Tuttle, May 2018

We’re short on housing, the roads are crowded, the amount of homelessness is a disgrace. How do we solve problems like these—actually solve them, not just talk about them? Starting in the 1980s, Martin Tuttle has held jobs that have allowed him to observe, address, and help fix problems in the Solano-to-Placer region, from his days as a chief aide to then-Assemblyman Tom Hannigan, to Tuttle’s current job as city manager for West Sacramento. He leaves that job in June. Today we talk about the regional identity, how the area has changed since the 1980s, what we can learn from the ways we've solved problems before ... and get his take on two of our most intractable public works problems today: transportation and the lack of housing.

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