Davisville, June 4, 2017: The Summer of Love, Plus Pin A Go Go Outgrows its Local Home

Fifty years ago, the Summer of Love made San Francisco an international focus of pop culture, and people are still talking about the ripples. Today we join the conversation by talking with Gary Lee Yoder, a Davis guitarist/singer/songwriter who lived both here and in San Franciso in 1967. We discuss the Davis band Oxford Circle (he was a member), sitting next to Jann Wenner as Wenner typed up the first issue of Rolling Stone, and events that summer in Davis ... including a concert in Central Park where Yoder called the bluff of a police officer who said the band was playing too loud. In the show's second segment, we interview Steve Faith of Davis during this year’s Pin A Go Go pinball festival, which has grown too big to stick around at its longtime home at the Dixon May Fairgrounds. (This photo shows Davis' Sycamore Lane in 1967.)