Davisville, July 10, 2023: Downtown projects propose 460 new homes, 80 new parking spaces

Three separate housing proposals have recently emerged that would add about 460 apartments and live/work lofts at three locations on G Street downtown, from 2nd Street near the Amtrak station north to the former Hibbert Lumber property on 5th. You can find the applicants’ plans and illustrations on the city’s projects website. One feature that immediately stands out is the idea of building most of these new homes without parking for cars.

Our guest today, Steve Streeter, has a background in planning and recently completed two terms on the Davis Planning Commission. He has no stake in any of the proposals. We talk about what’s proposed, context, why these projects are emerging now, and how the city's downtown plan and new state laws that encourage homebuilding are influencing these developments.

The developers would be wise to arrange pre-development conferences, he said. They’re “a sounding board for the applicant to see if their conceptual projects are going to fly as is, or if it’s going to need some significant modifications.”

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