Davisville, Feb. 11, 2019: Standup comedy in Davis with Ean and Erick

Ean Kimura and Erick Fierro Feb 2019.jpg

Ean Kimura and Erick Fierro

Ean Kimura & Erick Fierro, both second-year students at UC Davis, are part of the standup comedy scene in Davis. It’s not a big scene—Yelp’s list of 10 top comedy clubs in Davis stops at nine entries, and lists just one location that's actually in town—but we learn more about it on today’s show. We also talk about why Fierro and Kimura enjoy making people laugh, the UC Davis standup comedy club (possibly the same one Hasan Minhaj started), what makes good standup comedy, what happens when you bomb onstage, and more, including the t-shirt cannon bit they presented on the first edition of their KDVS campus radio station show In the Meantime (8 a.m. Mondays).

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