Davisville, Dec. 25, 2023: Expanding Interstate 80 through Davis

Traffic on Interstate 80 is often frustratingly slow through Davis, and has been for years. What’s the remedy? Caltrans proposes adding a fourth lane, and the options include allowing free use of the lane only to vehicles with at least three occupants — anyone else using the lane would pay a toll. That’s the option the Yolo Transportation District Board unanimously endorsed a couple weeks ago.

In other words, there are two big changes on the table — a bigger freeway, plus the start of tolls for some of the traffic on I-80 in Yolo County.

The project is in the news this season as people respond via surveys, comments, and various events (including this Davis teach-in). On today’s Davisville we talk with Autumn Bernstein, executive director of the Yolo Transportation District, and Lucas Frerichs, who chairs the county Board of Supervisors and is a former mayor of Davis, about what's proposed, and why.

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