Davisville, Dec. 13, 2021: For decades, they’ve been making a ‘magic match’ in Davis each December

Every December, the volunteers for STEAC’s Holiday Program clear out a big room at the First Baptist Church in west Davis, fill the space with boxes of donated food and gifts, and then give it all away in a few hours, this year to 475 low-income families and singles in Davis. Today’s Davisville focuses on the program and the nonprofit behind it.

This is a story about people, Davis, adaptation, the pandemic, bringing donors and recipients closer together, changing demographics, poverty, relief, logistics, food, gifts — and a growing need, matched by a growing willingness to meet that need. We talk with Kelly Coleman, who runs the Holiday Program; Liane Moody, the Short Term Emergency Aid Committee's executive director; and two of the volunteers who worked on this year’s distribution day, Saturday, Dec. 11.

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