Davisville, Dec. 13, 2021: For decades, they’ve been making a ‘magic match’ in Davis each December

Santa, and the big room, at STEAC Holiday Program Dec. 11, 2021.png

Santa, above, and the big room, at the STEAC Holiday Program Dec. 11, 2021

Every December, the volunteers for STEAC’s Holiday Program clear out a big room at the First Baptist Church in west Davis, fill the space with boxes of donated food and gifts, and then give it all away in a few hours, this year to 475 low-income families and singles in Davis. Today’s Davisville focuses on the program and the nonprofit behind it.

This is a story about people, Davis, adaptation, the pandemic, bringing donors and recipients closer together, changing demographics, poverty, relief, logistics, food, gifts — and a growing need, matched by a growing willingness to meet that need. We talk with Kelly Coleman, who runs the Holiday Program; Liane Moody, the Short Term Emergency Aid Committee's executive director; and two of the volunteers who worked on this year’s distribution day, Saturday, Dec. 11.

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