Davisville, Jan. 2, 2017: Equipping Davis Bikes with Theft Detectors

Bike Tile.jpg

Tile detection device, with bikes

The Davis Bike Club wants you to attach a Tile detection device to your bicycle, so that the device can tell you where your bike is if it gets stolen (only the bike owner is notified). The club will even give you the Tile, if you want. The main goal is to deter thieves and reduce one of Davis' major kinds of crime. But wouldn’t thieves just remove the device? And would police really respond to a report that a stolen bike had been located? On today’s show Phil Coleman, club president and a former Davis police chief, answers these questions, and explains how and why this "Tile the City" program should work. When it catches its first thief, he says, expect to hear a lot more about it.