Davisville (repeat from 2012): Ex-Alcatraz con recalls life on ‘the Rock,’ and what later brought him to Davis

This is a repeat broadcast of one of the most popular shows in Davisville's 12 years. I interviewed Robert Luke, who died in 2017, in early 2012.

Today’s guest is Robert Luke, 84, one of the approximately 1,550 men imprisoned at Alcatraz during its 29 years as a federal prison near San Francisco from 1934 to 1963. Not many are still alive. Alcatraz, now part of the National Park System, is legendary. Difficult prisoners were sent there. Books, TV programs and movies have been created about Alcatraz--Fox recently launched a new fictional TV show set there--and tours of the island often sell out. Since Luke’s release he has been a waiter in San Francisco, helped manage a resort, installed draperies, and worked as a marshal on a golf course, among other jobs. In 2011 he wrote a book, “Entombed in Alcatraz,” from which these photos are taken. And in January 2012, he came to Davis to speak about life in Alcatraz to the campus Entomology Club. To learn his Davis connection--and to hear him describe his five years at Alcatraz--listen in.

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