Davisville, April 22, 2019: Former Rep. McCloskey, now of Rumsey, wants Democrats to focus on legislation, not on impeaching Trump

Pete McCloskey 042019 (1).jpg

Former Rep. Pete McCloskey

Pete McCloskey, 91, has done a lot, and has known a lot of people. He’s a Marine combat veteran of the Korean War, and a former Republican congressman from the Bay Area. He helped write key environmental laws, opposed the Vietnam War, and ran against President Nixon for the GOP nomination in 1972. In 1973, after the Saturday Night Massacre, McCloskey was the first member of Congress to call publicly for Nixon to resign—which Nixon did, in 1974. After 59 years in the Republican Party, McCloskey joined the Democrats in 2007. Today we talk about the Mueller report, McCloskey’s advice to Democrats to pursue “progressive” legislation instead of impeaching President Trump, and why he and his wife Helen live in the Capay Valley. They have friendly feelings for Davis—two of his four children went to the UC campus here.

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