Davisville, Nov. 28, 2016: More Signal! Plus We Open the Vault


Most of the Cast for Davisville, Nov. 28, 2016

This evening KDRT begins a week of special programming to mark its campaign to boost the station’s signal. On Davisville, “special” means playing a few short segments created for other uses at KDRT that have never appeared on this show before: The Change Monster, and a skit we might call Rudolph’s Lawyer Negotiates With Santa on That Foggy Christmas Eve. But first we talk briefly with Davis Media Access Executive Director Autumn Labbe-Renault on why expanding KDRT’s signal to cover all of Davis is a good idea. This photo shows three of the folks behind tonight’s show (Autumn was gone before we could rope her into this shot): host Bill Buchanan, center, engineer Jim Buchanan, right, and Officially Unbiased Professional Singer Megan Buchanan, left, who shares her verdict on the musicality of Bill’s semi-finished boost-the-signal radio spot you’ll hear near the end, The Weak Signal Blues.