Davisville, Nov. 14, 2016: The Annual Movie Show with Davis Film Critic Derrick Bang

Derrick and Bill, 111216.jpg

Derrick Bang and Bil Buchanan, Davisville, 2016

Derrick Bang, who writes movie reviews for his blog Derrick Bang on Film and The Davis Enterprise, returns this week for his annual conversation about year-end movies with program host Bill Buchanan (in the photo, that’s Derrick on the left). Bang talks about movies he thinks will be good, a few he believes will fail, sequels, the problem with first-run movie theaters that serve meals, and how 2016 has fared in terms of quality. “Hollywood stuff has lacked imagination this year, until summer, when things picked up a little bit,” he says. “[But] it has been a superb year for smaller, independent movies.”