Davisville, 11/9/15: Feeling blue? You’re not alone

Debra DeAngelo, David Lacy 110815.JPG

Debra DeAngelo and David Lacy

Shades of Blue: Writers on Depression, Suicide, and Feeling Blue is a new collection of essays by 35 writers, edited by Amy Ferris. Two of the writers are Debra LoGuerico DeAngelo, Winters Express editor and columnist for the Davis Enterprise, and David Lacy, who grew up in Davis and now teaches writing in Southern California. "It is possible to find hope and solidarity in these pages, but don’t expect a feel-good trip," says the review in Publishers Weekly. "It’s a true-to-life kick in the pants designed to bring comfort to anyone who’s feeling hopeless." On today’s show, DeAngelo and Lacy talk about Shades of Blue, and the experiences behind their stories—Lacy’s “Allies in the Sky,” and DeAngelo’s “If I Love You, You’ll Leave.”