Davis school funding cuts end, but there’s no long-term fix yet

The financial picture for Davis schools looks better than it has in years … and yet that doesn’t mean the recent era of cuts is history. Too much remains undecided, including the impact of the fiscal cliff if Washington can’t resolve the nation's tax-and-spending dispute in the next few weeks; the recovery of the California economy; upward pressure on wages and other costs; and the fact that Measure E and Proposition 30, which put a floor under the school budget this fall, will expire in several years, unless extended. In today’s Davisville we discuss all this with Jeff Hudson, education writer for the Davis Enterprise. Other topics: the post-election mood among educators he talks with, technology at the schools, class sizes, salaries for teachers, and the evolving impact of the No Child Left Behind law on transfers and, yes, on funding. We end with a quick list of three major issues facing Davis schools in 2013.

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