Davis Roots seeks to develop the entrepreneurial side of Davis

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The basic idea behind Davis Roots is to help good ideas grow into companies—ones that would be located in or near Davis. Andrew Hargadon (pictured) co-founded Davis Roots with Anthony Costello, and on this edition of Davisville, Hargadon explains how the new nonprofit “accelerator” will work. The payoff in economic development for Davis could be significant, if it can separate good ideas from wishful thinking. Hargadon talks about how to test the validity of an idea. He also discusses why he and Costello are forming the nonprofit here, how and where they expect to find ideas, the supply of entrepreneurs in Davis, and the often-overstated role of venture capital. Hargadon, a professor at the UC Davis Graduate School of Management, has three degrees from Stanford, and formerly worked in product design for Apple.

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