Davis Music Connections - July 13, 2021

Music programs are only online for two weeks after they are broadcast.

Dear Listeners of Davis Music Connections,

Ned Here.  My computer broke... D'OH!  Time to learn new software in order to create radio shows.  But I am not gonna spend any time sorting out the recording aspect this week... only the editing aspect.  Which means I am kicking Clyde out of the garage and I'm not gonna announce any of the songs, so there.

However, since I am a thoughtful guy who realizes people are interested in the songs, I have listed them all here for your reference.

Without further ado....


  • You Can't Always Get What You Want - Rolling Stones (Let it Bleed, 1969)
  • Theme from Superman: The Movie - John Williams  (Official Motion Picture Soundtrack,1978)
  • Native Intelligence - Danny Elfman  (Big Mess, 2021)
  • Dad - Rhythm Akimbo  (Juvenilia, 1989)
  • Don't Fence Me In - David Byrne  (Red Hot + Blue, 1990)
  • Light Your Fires - Adrian West  (Chameleons & Butterflies, 2010)
  • Turn Up - Element Brass Band  (Cali Got a Brass Band, 2017)
  • On Broadway - George Benson  (Weekend in LA, 1978)
  • The Devil Went Down to Kevin - Kevin Supremo  (Single, 2013)
  • Rock the Casbah - Richard Cheese  (I'd Like a Virgin, 2004)
  • Minimum Security Vacation - Nasty Pussy  (Shhh!, 2018)
  • Kids - Paul Lynde & Marijane Maricle  (Bye Bye Birdie Original Broadway Cast, 1960)
  • Purple Rain - Prince  (Purple Rain, 1984)
  • Hooper (Life of a Hollwood Stuntman) - Bent Myggen  (Hooper Soundtrack, 1978)

Peace, love and all that mother-jazz,




Grace under pressure! Nice work, Ned--and it's great to hear some Paul Lynde for a change.

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