Davis Music Connections - April 6, 2021

Music programs are only online for two weeks after they are broadcast.


Thanks for having Mr. Tom Fay on!!! Always a treat to hear his stories/history.

Vanilla String Orchestra does a lot of rock covers similar to the London Symphony

Tom is a  stitch 

The Prisonaires great group  Just Walkin Ine Rain- beautiful

Shout out to you guys thanks for the  mention

I was an artist in residence at The California Medical Facility in Vacaville in 1990-91- under the leadership of Arts in Correction facilitator Jeff Hesemeyer  (Winters resident) who brought me in to teach harmonies to the inmates, put on concerts through out the facility- housing more than 3000 inmates.

The Marigolds- got ripped off by the Bihari Brothers group The Cadets (Jacks) who covered their Rollin Stone and outsold the Marigolds version. The Cadets covered everyone- all the more reason to question the business model of records and distribution and sales mechanisms-

The Cadets did  Stranded on The Jungle  copying the Jayhawks recording   and again outsold the original

As the Jacks-their other name they covered a tune originally recorded by The Feathers  entitled Why Don't You Write Me , and once again, they had the hit with it.

Bring me on to talk with Tom-and play some vintage moooosic.

The PrisonAIREs!

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