COVID-19 Community Report Feb 16th, 2021 - Speaking with Davis Teachers Amy George and Dianna Stommel

This month I’m conducting a series of interviews devoted to the reopening of in-person instruction in the Davis Joint Unified School District.  I have two interviews today: teachers Amy George (6th grade) and Dianna Stommel (11th grade). Dianna is also the current president of the Davis Teachers Association. Next week, I’ll speak to parents with different opinions about reopening. Both teachers share what's it been like to teach remotely this year, and how they've worked to build and maintain community in their classrooms. We also discuss what would make them feel safe and valued as the shift to hybrid and in-person instruction commences. Dianna addresses the DTA's position on reopening.

Last week I spoke with DJUSD Superintendent John Bowes. The Davis Joint Unified School Board meets again this Thursday to continue discussions around reopening. In a previous interview, Bowes said the trustees had identified the first week in May as a timeline -- if schools have not returned to in-person instruction by then, they would remain virtual through the end of the academic year.