COVID-19 Community Report - Episode 8 - Speaking with Supervisor Provenza about Yolo Community Relief Fund and Davis Mayor Brett Lee

Episode 8 provides a view into COVID-19 responses from both the county and city, as host Autumn Labbe-Renault interviews Yolo County Supervisor for District 4, Jim Provenza at 12:05 pm, and Davis Mayor Brett Lee at 12:20 pm.

According to an April 1, 2020 press release: "Yolo County and the Yolo Community Foundation (YCF) have partnered to create a Yolo COVID-19 Relief Fund to assist nonprofit organizations amid the impacts of COVID-19. The Board of Supervisors approved an allocation of $250,000 during their March 24th meeting, and voted unanimously to support the Fund’s creation. The Fund is one piece of a three-pronged approach in response to COVID-19. The other two pieces include a comprehensive donor education campaign to encourage local residents to support local nonprofits, and technical assistance to nonprofit organizations throughout the County".

Provenza says more details about how and when local nonprofits can apply will be published soon on the Yolo Community Fund's website. Lee added that Davis is contributing $50,000 to the Yolo COVID-19 Relief Fund, and is working on communication to local Congressman Garamendi on the need for smaller cities (such as Davis) to also qualify for federal funding support.