COVID-19 Community Report Episode 5 March 31, 2020 - A Look at Local Nonprofits and Small Businesses

In Episode 5,  we continue speaking with people in Yolo County who are affected by or working to address the impacts of the virus and Shelter-in-Place. To listen now, click on the title above.

First we speak with Jessica Hubbard, executive director of the Yolo Community Foundation. We'll begin to get a sense of the challenges facing nonprofit organizations, and the ways that local government, business and foundations are working to help.  They are currently working on a 3-pronged approach: providing technical support for nonprofits applying for assistance, educating our residents about what local nonprofits are needing, what they are doing, and how to donate, and finally, working to coordinate the involvement of large donors to the Community Action Fund.

Next, we spoke with Heidy Kellison of Downtownnorcal. Since the pandemic hit, she's been video interviewing business owners in Yolo County to hear how it's affecting them. These are posted on her Downtownnorcal FB page.

For updates on the resources mentioned in each broadcast, link to our Resource List blog.