COVID-19 Community Report Episode 12: Speaking with the Davis Downtown Business Assn. and Sandy Holman of The Culture CO-OP on Apr 24th, 2020

My guests on today's show are Brett Marasca, executive director of Davis Downtown; and Sandy Holman of The Culture CO-OP, discussing their new documentary, "The Cost of Darkness." We'll be talking about economic stimulus for downtown businesses, and the systemic structural inequality that has left communities of color much more vulnerable to the virus, respectively. 

Called the Gifting Stimulus Program, the Davis Downtown Business Association (DDBA) recently launched this program to infuse $100,000 into our city's core - its downtown. Using this link, you can choose businesses you'd like to support and your gift card purchase amount will be matched by the DDBA gifting program.  

The Cost Of Darkness is an hour-long documentary that identifies racial disparities in the United States, focusing on the major institutions and their compounded institutional impact on communities and individual people of color.  It was created using a systems approach and involved the assistance of UC Davis interns. On Friday, April 25th at 2pm Sandy Holman will be interviewed providing an in-depth discussion of the behind-the-scenes making of this documentary due for release next year. Link here for more information