COVID-19 Community Report Episode 10: Talking with Yolo County Housing and Empower Yolo - April 17, 2020

We've been shining a light this week on the ways our region is helping some of the most vulnerable of our residents. On Tuesday 4/14  we talked about food insecurity and mental health. Today we’re talking about public housing, and domestic violence. Not light topics, but still extremely important to address right now. While sheltering in place is hard on everyone, there are some situations it disproportionately exacerbates. My guests on Friday's show are Lisa Baker, CEO of Yolo County Housing, and Bridgette Guerra, Legal Advocate at Empower Yolo.

Lisa Baker of Yolo County Housing mentioned that they continue to serve close to 3000 families via phone, fax, and email since their nine offices are not currently open to the public to visit in person.  Their staff are finding creative ways to continue to assist with their in-house community services such as after school programs, wellness calls, and support for farm worrkers.  Their office number to call is (530) 662-5428.

Bridgette Guerra of Empower Yolo told us that there has been a recent spike in domestic violence. They continue to provide family law legal assistance navigating, shelter and food assistance, online therapy and their clothing closet. Their regular business line is (530) 661-6336 and their 24-hour crisis line is (530) 662-1133. 



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