COVID-19 Community Report Dec. 8th, 2020 - Episode 44 with Davis Mayor Gloria Partida

Dec. 8 marks nearly nine full months since the first shelter-in-place order back in March, and also Episode 44 of the "COVID-19 Community Report" on KDRT.  I've interviewed more than 70 people during this time, documenting the effects of the pandemic on communities, institutions, and individuals across Yolo County. Today we'll catch up with Davis Mayor Gloria Partida.

Municipalities have their own particular burdens to bear during this pandemic, from loss of sales tax and other revenue generated at the local level, to loss of income from state and federal governments. And yet, the work of running the City goes on. We'll hear about recent developments in Davis, from Commission appointments to police accountability, and learn more about a forthcoming Community Conversation on Public Safety Recommendations scheduled for Dec. 14.

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