Civilization Phaze IV Dec 13th, 2015

Its a VERY busy time of the year, so spend an hour with Eunah Cho and her show to listen to some very special laid back grooves. As only Eunah can do she explains the music to make it come alive. Today's "theme": WINTER sounds (with a heavy electronic & Icelandic spin...but also some Max Richter-Vivaldi & Tim Hecker) !

Track List: 

>Nocturne in g minor (Chopin), Alice Sara Ott & Ólafur Arnalds

>Reminiscence, Alice Sara Ott & Ólafur Arnalds

>In the Light of Air, Anna Thorvaldsdottir

>For Now I Am Winter ft. Arnór DanÓlafur Arnalds

>Fog I-II-III, Tim Hecker

>Four Seasons Reimagined--Winter (Max Richter), Daniel Hope

>Jólakötturinn, Björk