A Christmas Carol Part Two

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The classic winter tale of a haunted miser concludes in part two of A Christmas Carol. Will Scrooge change his ways after a visit from the ghosts of Christmases Present and Yet to Come?

The story was adapted and directed by Max Davis-Housefield. Scrooge was played by Max Davis-Housefield, Bob Cratchit was played by Elliot DeJong, Marley and Mr. Fezziwig were played by Daniel Jebri, The Ghost of Christmas Past, Skye Adams, the Ghost of Christmas Present, Lewis Herring-Tillman, the caroler, Kelly Wilkerson, the neighbor, Leyla Bolkan, Belle, Bridget Nagle, Mrs. Cratchit, Stella Maze, Tiny Tim, Declan Fee, Mourner, Jihan Moon, and the boy was played by Mattias Rowenbale.

The Christmas Song was written by Robert Wells and Mel Tormé and preformed by the Davis High Madrigal choir including Skye Adams, Athena Lekie, Ludi Wang, Adam Hutchings, Henry Hutchings, Sophia Gonzalez, Maria Wroblezski, Adrian Zaragoza. The Jenny Lind Polka was performed by John Selleck, We Wish You a Merry Christmas and Deck the Halls were performed by Kevin MacLeod. These songs are in the public domain. Sound effects and additional music were from Zapslat.com

Producers: Stella Maze and Max Davis-Housefield;Theme Music: Daniel Ruiz-Jimenez; Sound Effects: Zapsplat.com Executive Producer: Jihan Moon

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