45. Indomitable Docs

About 40 million children and teens in the United States participate in organized sports each year. And together they experience four million injuries annually. A third of all injuries that happen in childhood are sports-related. Hear why children and teens are more prone to sports injuries than adults and what they can do to prevent them. Meet Dr. Cassandra Lee and Dr. Brandee Waite, team doctors for Sacramento Republic FC, Sacramento's professional soccer team. The team's and the city of Sacramento's motto is "Urbs Indomita", Latin for "Indomitable City". Drs. Lee and Waite tell us about what it is like to be team doctors for a major sport and how athletes can keep themselves healthy and fit. Then visit Antarctica—the highest, driest, coldest, and windiest continent. There you will find a desert that holds most of the world's freshwater, fish with antifreeze, a subglacial blood red lake, and diamond dust that floats in the air.

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