Our Values

We are connected by histories, places, and stories that make up our community--Yolo County and beyond. Sharing local experiences connects us to each other and to our place. KDRT promotes interaction, connections, and a sense of belonging among residents. When people tell stories and others listen, they create community.

Social Equality
The protection and promotion of human rights require a struggle against all forms of discrimination. KDRT maintains that no person is superior to another based on race, class, creed, sexual orientation, or physical condition. KDRT encourages dialogue that promotes equality and discourages discussion that disparages others.

Public Participation 
All people have the right and responsibility to take part in the decisions that affect them and their communities. Democracy depends on civic engagement and an exchange of ideas across all members of society. KDRT enables people to use radio to express themselves--personally, culturally, artistically, and politically--and to receive a diversity of information from others inorder to actively participate in public life.

Media Literacy
The media powerfully influences how we think, act, and perceive our world. To take part in our governance, strengthen our communities, and connect with the world around us, we must be able to analyze and produce media on our own terms. KDRT provides the tools, training, and transmission necessary for people to become knowledgeable and effective communicators, able to examine media critically and use media competently.

Diversity of programming, staff, and volunteers is the bedrock of community radio. Dynamic community radio requires the wisdom, experiences, interests, and support of a wide range of people. KDRT involves a diversity of people in station activities in order to encourage understanding and collaboration across barriers such as ethnicity, language, class, gender, and age.

Community Media
Low-power radio stations are part of a larger community media movement focused on providing distinctive alternatives to commercial and public media. Community media centers enable residents to participate in local culture, national issues, and international affairs. KDRT provides compelling and relevant programming not usually found on other radio outlets. This includes locally produced shows, national programming with alternative viewpoints, and music and voices from around the world. We support organizations such as the National Federation of Community Broadcasters and the Alliance for Community Media.