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Live Tracks highlights a wide range of live musical performances, from early 60s rock to modern rockabilly, from blues to bluegrass.  The program frequently features local performers recorded and mixed here in Davis by host Jim Buchanan.

More than just a music program, you will be exposed to completely useless, historic or scientific bits of trivia.  Additionally, Live Tracks keeps you current with the weekly segment "50 Years Ago this week in Beatles History."

 Broadcast schedule:  Thursday 7-9 PM (Live); Saturday 9-11 PM; Tuesday 10 AM - Noon. 

Replays Tuesday 10am-12pm, Saturday 9-11pm
Live Thursday 7-9pm

A Tribute to Sir George Martin

  This weeks Live Tracks (originally aired late March 2016) looks at the extremely important contribution to the world of music made by one of the greatest music producers of modern times.  Sir George Martin came to work for Parlophone Records, a subsidiary of EMI, in the mid 1950's.  Early works included the creation of the Goon Show, a moderately popular series of comedy records featuring a young Peter Sellers.

  Seeking to improve the status of his small label, Sir George, as director of Parlophone in the early 1960's, looked to the creation of rock and roll records.  It is serendipity and a sharp eye for fledgling talent that led to his signing of the Beatles in 1962.

  This and so much more is covered in this special two hour episode of Live Tracks in honor of Sir George Martin, who passed away in March of 2016.

Live Tracks Highlights Blues Rock - From Legends to Locals and New L.A. Releases

Blues are permanently entangled with rock and roll - an influence that is clearly present in the legacy groups such as early Rolling Stones, Cream, Canned Heat, Fleetwood Mac, Yardbirds, Led Zeppelin to name a few. So fundamental, that its influence is felt across many genres, and across time. This edition of Live Tracks creates a bit of rock n roll stew, by visiting some classics like the very early Fleetwood Mac album Then Play On with guitar great Peter Green, a concert album from Roy Orbison, and then into the present by highlighting two newly-released albums from L.A. bands Dogs and Bones, and Hurricane Inside, that interweave a modern edginess with a strong undercurrent of raw 60's guitar power. Per usual, Live Tracks also provides a hearty helping of live-recorded local music, including Mike Henderson and the Bill Scholer Blues Band, Jan Peters and Don Fox from The Twanglers, and some recent excellent Americana performances from the Thursday Live!

Live Tracks September 8th, 2016

  I went to the station before this show feeling that humans are tolerated in our world as long as they can pay.  And pay.  And pay.  We seem to live in a world where each of us is a portable ATM machine dispensing lubricant for...whom, or what; big money and big banks?  A bleak view, that fortunately does not stay with me, consciously, for any extended duration.  It does, however, have its place in the que of things I ruminate on.

  So, as a result, this show is part aggressive, and part soothing.  Lots of local bands share the spotlight with some darn good tunes from beyond the causeway.  Grab that cool recreational beverage of choice and join me.

Live Tracks Looks Back (with binoculars)

   Are people filler between the lines of time?  This show, originally broadcast in March of 2011, takes a two hour look back at the music of the 1960's and early 1970's.  This was a completely different era of music creatively, technically and economically.  Crafted with the help of caffeine and muscle (LP's are heavy), it is best consumed in a quiet space, relaxing on a comfortable chair or couch.  So fire up a lava lamp, and grab that cool recreational beverage of choice.  The smoking lamp is lit for this weeks Live Tracks.

Live Tracks Features June 2016 Performance of Gwyneth Moreland and David Hayes

This special Live Tracks is devoted to the fine musicians who perform at the Odd Fellows Hall for the Thursday Live! concert series.  Tonight's program starts by featuring the songwriting of Gwyneth Moreland, accompanied by David Hayes on upright acoustic bass.  Gwyneth sings and plays acoustic guitar. Several of the songs performed are from her well-received 2014 CD -  Ceilings, Floors and Open Doors. These songs tell stories and paint images of the ruggedly beautiful North Coast region and her hometown, Mendocino. Her bassist, Davis Hayes will be returning soon to Davis in a special concert at the Odd Fellows Hall Sept. 10th with Gene Parsons.

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