The Golden Road

​Join Alligator and take a musical journey down the Golden Road and explore the music of the Grateful Dead, its roots and its many offshoots.

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The Golden Road for 7:30pm on Mar 9th, 2018

Wayne gets the steering wheel on the Golden Road tonight at the special time of 7:30 PM on KDRT 95.7 FM in Davis and whenever and wherever you may be. Where’s he gonna take us? Let’s drive deep into the 60’s for this awesome example of the “raw power of primal live Dead” 11/10/67 Shrine Exposition Hall, LA. And it’s on vinyl!! Our 90 minutes can’t contain all of it (maybe your head can’t either) but we’re gonna let rip!!! Join in the fun!!

The Golden Road for 7:00pm on Mar 2nd, 2018

March 8th, 2018 marks the 45th anniversary of Ron “Pigpen” McKernan’s death at age 27. Like so many of his 1960s peers, Pigpen was only here briefly and then he was gone. Gone but never forgotten. So this week on the Golden Road we are celebrating the Grateful Dead’s original front man’s oh so brief life and musical career with hand-selected tunes spanning Pig’s performing years from Mother McCree’s to the Grateful Dead. “Pigpen was and is now forever one of the Grateful Dead”

My first show with the brand new audio board, so some of the  levels may be a touch hot.


The Golden Road for 7:00pm on Feb 23rd, 2018

“High green chilly winds and windy vines in loops around the twining shafts of lavender, they’re crawling to the sun….William Tell has stretched his bow till won’t stretch no furthermore and/or it may require a change that hasn’t come before”

This week on the Golden Road, we have lightning captured in a bottle or more specifically on sixteen track tape. This could only mean one thing; that we have Grateful Dead music from their legendary Fillmore West shows played February 27&28 and March 1&2, 1969. All four nights were recorded and the tapes were used to make the record LiveDead. These shows are High Holy Days for many Deadheads, yours truly included. This music is mind blowing and from beyond the pale.


The Golden Road for 7:00pm on Feb 16th, 2018

We love to celebrate anniversaries here on the Golden Road, and this week we have a big one! This week we are celebrating the 50th that’s right the 50th anniversary of the Grateful Dead’s Be Mine Carousel Ballroom show from February 14th, 1968. Fifty years! Wow! And we also must take note that Neal Cassady aka Dean Moriarty checked out fifty years ago too this past February 4th. The Dead dedicated their second set from their February 14th show to the memory of Cowboy Neal and we too respectfully dedicate the second set to his memory as well.


The Golden Road for 7:00pm on Feb 9th, 2018

This week the Golden Road takes us back to the Sweet Sunny South with cherry-picked music by Jerry Garcia and David Grisman from their February 2nd, 1991 performance recorded live at the Warfield Theater in San Francisco. Rounding out this week’s show is music from Tim O’Brien’s wonderful new release “Where the River Meets the Road,” an album inspired by the music and musicians of his native state of West Virginia.

Unfortunately this show was not captured for replay. Our crack KDRT station engineers immediately jumped in to determine the source of the problem but concluded "While the reason remains a mystery, spurious electrical activity is suspected." 


The Golden Road for 7:00pm on Feb 2nd, 2018

This week the Golden Road takes us to the East Bay and the campus of UC Berkeley for Grateful Dead music recorded live May 22nd, 1982 at the Greek Theatre. The magical Greek Theatre was the scene of many fine Grateful Dead shows dating back to 1967, and these May 1982 shows were especially good! Peaking at the Greek with the Dead! It doesn’t get any better than that!

Oops! Brent's song is actually Good Time Blues, not Never Trust A Woman as I stated. My bad!


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We are now up to the third host on Golden Road. How can KDRT have three winners in a row? Alligator is the latest star lighting the way down the Road, and an informed host he is bringing bits of Dead history and info to add to the show fun. Tune in for a good time.

Thanks to Lee for bringing some great vintage Dead to our ears! We love the program!

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