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​Join Alligator and take a musical journey down the Golden Road and explore the music of the Grateful Dead, its roots and its many offshoots.

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The Golden Road for 7:00pm on Sep 21st, 2018

This week the Golden Road takes us to the Big Apple, New York City, for the Grateful Dead recorded live at Madison Square Garden on September 18, 1987. MSG hosted fifty-two Grateful Dead concerts and this week’s offering was one of the best all time MSG shows and is certainly a candidate for the best show of 1987, Garcia’s comeback year! This is a terrific show with loads of great playing, that is capped off by a massive Morning Dew!

The Golden Road for 7:00pm on Sep 14th, 2018

This week the Golden Road takes us to the Great Pyramid of Giza. That’s right we’re crossing the Great Pond with the Grateful Dead for their September 1978 Egyptian concerts. We find it hard to believe, but these famed gigs were played forty years ago this weekend. While hardly stellar performances by the band, the expedition to Egypt was a trip of a lifetime for the Dead and the many fans who made the journey. And did we mention the September 16th show (tonight’s show), was played under a full moon and a lunar eclipse! We also have music from Mickey Hart’s way cool release The Music of Upper and Lower Egypt to round out this edition of the Golden Road.


The Golden Road for 7:00pm on Sep 7th, 2018

This week on the Golden Road, we have Grateful Dead music from the brand-new Dave’s Picks 27, recorded live on September 2nd, 1983 at Boise State University in Boise, Idaho. Featured this week is the better part of the shows very fine second set. And as Phil Lesh said: “Citizens of Boise. Submit or perish. You’re a conquered people!”


The Golden Road for 7:00pm on Aug 31st, 2018

We here at the Golden Road have dedicated most of August 2018 to celebrating Jerry Garcia and his musical legacy. These past few weeks have been a great ride for us! And guess what? We have room for one more Garcia show this month. And since it is Labor Day Weekend (already? where did summer go?), we thought it a no-brainer that the Golden Road take us to the Merriweather Post Pavilion for music from the Jerry Garcia Band’s 1989 Labor Day concerts. These shows- September 1st & 2nd, 1989- were JGB’s only foray into this legendary amphitheater. Yours truly was at these shows and I can attest they were amazing and that tonight’s recordings captured Jerry at his best! Collectively these very fine JGB shows are known as "Jerryweather."

The Golden Road for 7:00pm on Aug 24th, 2018

Robert Hunter and Jerry Garcia began their long musical partnership in 1961 as the duo Bob & Jerry. Known mostly as the Grateful Dead’s primary songwriter, Hunter also had a solo career and Hunter was often joined by Garcia in the studio on these various solo projects, where they recorded some very fine music together. We here at the Golden Road thinks it’s about time to dig into to these wonderful musical collaborations by our musical heroes. Accordingly, this week we are highlighting music recorded together by Bob & Jerry with songs selections that runs the gamut from Bob & Jerry in May 1961 to Hunter’s 1970s albums Tales of the Great Rum Runners and Tiger Rose to Hunter’s 1980 LP Jack O’ Roses to the Jerry Garcia Band backing up Robert Hunter to a taste of acoustic Jerry from the February 1986 Marin Vet show. Lots of good tunes this week folk!


The Golden Road for 7:00pm on Aug 17th, 2018

This week on the Golden Road, we have a special show featuring the music of legendary blues-rock guitarist Roy Buchanan. Roy was known as the “The Best Unknown Guitarist in the World,” and he left his mortal coil thirty years ago this week. Sadly, Roy’s music is now largely forgotten. However, we here at the Golden Road are trying to remedy this dire situation this week by serving you all up a big healthy portion of some of his finest sounds for your musical enjoyment and edification!

This show was for me and the people of Pittsburgh, Pa who loved their adopted son Roy Buchanan!

The Golden Road for 7:00pm on Aug 10th, 2018

This week on the Golden Road, we havethe second part of our annual  Jerry Garcia Birthday Extravaganza! Last week,  we featured all Jerry Garcia Band music, and this week we have all Garcia sung Grateful Dead songs. We delivered some pretty epic JGB songs last week, and we promise to serve up some more epic Dead jams this week with tunes spanning Garcia’s long career with the band.

The Golden Road for 7:00pm on Aug 3rd, 2018

August 1st 2018 would have been Jerry Garcia’s 76th birthday. Yep 76! So, this week on the Golden Road we have our annual Jerry Garcia Birthday Extravaganza broadcast with a little twist that this year’s show is all Jerry Garcia Band music! No Grateful Dead this week you say? Fear not next week’s Golden Road is all Grateful Dead music! Anyhoo we have some epic Jerry Garcia Band music planned for this week’s show!

The Golden Road for 7:00pm on Jul 27th, 2018

This week the Golden Road takes us to the Red Rock Amphitheater in Colorado for the Grateful Dead recorded live on September 7th, 1985. Red Rocks was, of course one, of those magical venues that the Dead played and always played great shows. This show is no exception and it has one of those crazy set lists that made 1985 so much fun.

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We are now up to the third host on Golden Road. How can KDRT have three winners in a row? Alligator is the latest star lighting the way down the Road, and an informed host he is bringing bits of Dead history and info to add to the show fun. Tune in for a good time.

Thanks to Lee for bringing some great vintage Dead to our ears! We love the program!

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