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Davisville, 7/21/14: Sizing up the architecture of Davis

Davis doesn’t have a lot of natural beauty—we have great trees, but no dramatic mountains or river—so buildings are maybe more important here than they would be elsewhere, in terms of defining the look of the town. So, what makes good architectural design in Davis? What does Davis need more of, or less of? We talk about this today with Davis architect Robert Lindley, who over a 30-year career has designed many buildings in Davis and elsewhere (including Mishka’s Café, behind him in this photo).

Davisville, 7/7/14: Soaring like the rockets that fascinate her

UC Davis’ top undergrad for 2013-14 didn’t have a Facebook page at college. She does have a brother who sometimes made her dinner. She scheduled fun into her routine, played in the Cal Aggie Band-uh, was mentored by a retired astronaut, graduated with a 4.0 grade-point average, and is working this summer for NASA in Texas. And she loves Davis. Today we talk with Ashley Coates (photo by Karin Higgins/UC Davis) about everything from how she got it all done, to whether she thinks humanity will ever achieve the kind of space travel presented in Star Trek.

Davisville, 6/9/14: This story starts with a flier on a downtown wall

In May, on a bulletin board at Armadillo Music in Davis, Sonja Martin posted a flier that said “Punk rock grunge band members wanted. No pervs. Weirdos. Harddrugaddicts. Scumbags. JUST MUSIC.” The language was clear, direct, funny in places, opinionated, and showed real respect for serious music. Anyone who has pursued something meaningful and difficult should recognize the ambition. I wanted more of her story, and that’s what we have today on “Davisville,” including a performance of her song in progress, “I Breathe You In.” 

Davisville, 5/26/14: You don’t vote? She’d like to talk with you

Jenna Jae Templeton's job is to get more people in Yolo County to vote. One of her teaching tools, when she talks to high school students, is the fanciful sample ballot she's holding here—it shows new voters how a ballot looks, even if the “Proposition 42” on this sample concerns a “Zombie Apocalypse Emergency Tax Measure.” Templeton works for the Yolo County Elections Office, and on today’s show we talk about voting rates in Yolo, some reasons people don't vote, and what she's doing to change that.

Davisville, 5/12/14: The Davis Music Fest Returns for 2014

On June 21, downtown Davis will host the fourth annual Davis Music Fest. On today’s show Kyle Monhollen, part of the Davis Live Music Collective and one of the festival’s organizers, talks about this year’s concerts and related subjects, including how they choose the lineup and why they want to bring more live music to Davis. He also updates us on last year's look at creating a permanent live music venue downtown; even just the cost of the sprinklers ended up looking pretty pricey.

Davisville, 4/28/14: Gerri Adler offers tours of vanished Davis

The names of departed Davis businesses come easily to local beauty-salon owner Gerri Adler (pictured outside the I Street home where she grew up in the 1950s and '60s). On the walking tours she leads downtown, she describes places and people now gone who once epitomized Davis, the ways the town has changed, and people whose names we see today on buildings or street signs. Listen in as she talks about growing up in Davis, a town she still loves.

Davisville, 3/31/14: A $15 per hour minimum wage for Davis?

This spring, Raise the Wage Davis is collecting signatures for a November ballot initiative to increase the minimum wage inside Davis to $15 per hour by Jan. 1, 2016. On today’s Davisville, Neil Ruud, volunteer coordinator for the group, discusses their goals, plans, and why they chose $15. He also fields questions about the impact on employment inside the city.

Davisville, 3/17/14: Davis performer Paul DelBene presents ‘Olaf the Fool’

Paul DelBeneMeet Olaf. He’s a fool. Paul DelBene (shown here) knows because he created the character, and he’ll bring Olaf onstage for three “An Evening with Olaf” performances April 4-6 to benefit the Cesar Chavez school PTA and Davis Schools Foundation. On today’s program we talk about the shows, DelBene’s work (mostly in Europe), clown boot camp, clown college, performing for Pixar …  and the value Davis could get from a small professional multi-functional venue, of maybe 200 to 300 seats, for music, performances, dances, and more.

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Just wanted to say thanks for an outstanding interview with Freedom From Hunger's president, Chris Dunford.
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