Mountain Mama fresh from the garden

This is radio station KDRT, 95.7 here in Davis, Ca.

Hi there … and welcome to Mountain Mama’s Earth Music … home grown and fresh from the garden

1) Octopuses Garden, The Beatles 2:51
2) I Don’t Want Love, Dan Hicks 3:35

These gifts from our beautiful earth … summer’s bounty

3) Hidden Track, by David Gans, 3:00
4) The Bounty of the County, by David Gans 4:29
5) Johnny Appleseed, Joe Strummer and the Mescelaros 4:04
6) The Boy Who Wouldn’t Hoe Corn, Allison Krauss and Union Station 4:41

Avocado, by Gary Snyder

7) Garden, Pearl Jam 4:59

Sounds So Sweet. I'm Baaaack

Tune in Sunday for a NEW Sounds So Sweet!! After a month of California Jug Band Association activities (San Francisco Free Folk Festival, Haight Street Fair, CJBA Benefit at Don Quixote's) and family obligations, I'm back with a ton of new music, especially some Australian Jug Bands. There's also some fantastic Jug Band events coming up. You especially don't want to miss Junkfest at Marx Meadows in Golden Gate Park on July 25th. And the San Francisco Jug Band Festival at the Bandshell in Golden Gate Park is only a month away. Lets have some Jug Band Fun!!!.

English Lyrics from "MI Ranchito"

from the Spanish:

Mi Ranchito (My Little Ranch)

Far Away
At the foot of the mountain
Where the sun hides early
My sad little ranch is still there
My work abandoned

There, I passed the years
There, I found my first love
There, were the betrayals
The ones that killed my illusions

Oh heart
You left me
Don't tell me goodbye
Come back
To cheer up the little ranch
That was once my whole life's dream

Wicked one
Your black eyes bewitched me with their look
If I'd never seen them
They wouldn't have caused me such pain

The Golden Road laces up those Red, White and Blue Suede Shoes

Hello out there in Radio Land!

This edition of the Golden Road salutes Independence Day by diving into the deep end of the Grateful Dead Americana pool with plenty of sounds from the long history of the band, and a special appearance of the illustrious Lord Buckley with his hip take on the Boston Tea Party...big thanks to George Moore for the vinyl to disc transfer.

Hope you can tune in and give a listen to a perfect soundtrack for the 4th of July...and be sure to stop by the KDRT/DMA booth at Community Park this upcoming Saturday for some cool treats to beat the heat.

Mountain Mama melts into summer

Hi there … and welcome to Mountain Mama’s Earth Music … home grown and melting into summer

1) Summertime Thing, Chuck Prophet 5:12
2) Skimming Stone, by Beth Orton 5:51

Summer lays down on us like skin

3) Summerday Sands, by Jethro Tull, 3:44
4) Long Hot Summer Night, by Jimmy Hendrix 3:27

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate.
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer's lease hath all too short a date.
Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,
And often is his gold complexion dimm'd;

Mountain Mama floats down the laughing river

From Siddhartha: The river flowed softly and gently; it was in the dry season but its voice rang out strangely. It was laughing, it was distinctly laughing ...

1) Song for a Blue Guitar, Red House Painters
2) Champagne Supernova, Oasis
3) Crow River Waltz, by Leo Kottke

The river has taught me to listen; you will learn from it, too. The river knows everything; one can learn everything from it.

4) Traveling Riverside Blues, Led Zeppelen
5) Come to Jesus, Mindy Smith

Sakura Saunders on Speakeasy

On the June 10, 2009 episode of "Speakeasy," I interview Sakura Saunders of the Prometheus Radio Project about recent legislative and judicial developments favoring Low-power FM radio. Sakura was one of the original members of the KDRT Working Group abnd helped launch the station in 2004. Listen at

Low-power radio stations saved by D.C. Circuit Court ruling

Sharing this press release from our friends at Prometheus Radio Project. This is really poignant because our own battle to save KDRT from commercial encroachment played a role in helping the FCC and courts to understand the strength and community support of LPFMs. Michael Couzens, the attorney mentioned here, represented KDRT as well.

Court vindicates FCC's effort to save small stations from loss of channels

The Legendary Frost Amphitheatre Aud's

Hello out there in Radio Land!

On the May 31st broadcast of The Golden Road, listeners may tune in to KDRT and hear the legendary Frost Amphitheatre show from October 10, 1982. You may ask, "What makes this Grateful Dead show so legendary?"...well, though you will hear plenty about it on the broadcast, here are a couple of things that may help to answer the question:

Mountain Mama heads for the hills

This week's show heads for the mountains with sweet thoughts of Yosemite still on my mind.

1) Wild Mountain Honey, Steve Miller Band 4:51
2) Fire on the Mountain, The Grateful Dead 6:26
3) Where they Never Say Your Name, by Eelen Jewell 2:32
4) Must Be the Whiskey , by Carrie Rodriquez and Chip Taylor 3:59
5) She’ll Be Comin Round the Mountain, by John Lennon, 1:03
6) Wildflowers, by Tom Petty 3:11
7) Cowboy Take Me Away, by The Dixie Chicks 4:47
8) I Am the Light of the World, Kelly Joe Phelps, 6:31
9) Jonny Law, The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit 3:44