Davisville looks at downtown parking

It’s a hyper-local issue, but it affects everyone who drives to central Davis. Joy Cohan, administrator of the Davis Downtown Business Association, talks about the persistent problem of downtown parking on the late March edition of Davisville.

The discussion comes as the city completes its first six months of paid parking in the E Street Plaza, the latest in a series of efforts over the years to improve parking in the area. Have drivers accepted the meters? What other parking plans are in the works? Is finding a parking spot downtown even as bad as people say?

Good time by all, part 2!

The scene was Friday afternoon, and my daughter was helping set up for the Joe Craven/Aesthetic Cling concert at the Davis Odd Fellows Hall. Rowan was on her way out to recycle an empty pizza box when Joe said, "young lady, don't throw that out!" Good kid that she is, she said, "I'm not, I'm going to recycle it!" Says Joe, "no, don't do that, I might just play it later."

Nancy Bodily's Interview with Joe Craven

The world is Joe Craven’s toolbox
by Nancy Bodily

Joe Craven sucks in his cheeks, drops his jaw, rolls his eyes back into
his head and begins to play … his face … with mighty hands tapping out
“Turkey in the Straw.” The rhythm is true, a nice hollow sound, and you can
tell he’s done this a time or two, his face just one of the many tools in
his box, “when the world is your musical oyster.”
Craven the musician, teacher, grassroots organizer, MC, crazy hat
wearing, larger than life artist is in the KDRT studio and he’s brought j

"Joe Craven Travels The Magical Golden Road" - Exclusive Interview w/Joe!

Hello out there in Radio Land!

Last Sunday we had the fortune of having Yolo County's "Ambassador of Good Vibes" and supremely talented, internationally known multi-instrumentalist, Joe Craven in the KDRT studio. Joe is headlining the second benefit concert for KDRT at the Odd Fellows Hall in Downtown Davis on March 6th and was happy to stop by the station for an exclusive interview before he hit the road for a tour stop in Washington.

Some poetry, Some Love, Some Loss on 'The Wrong Side of the Tracks' 2/11

"Don't try to figure out what other people want to hear from you;
figure out what you have to say. It's the one & only thing you have
to offer."
-Barbara Kingsolver

1. SHE & HIM (M.WARD/ZOOEY DESCHANEL)- take it back
3. BOB DYLAN- million dollar bash
4. PATSY CLINE- that wonderful someone
5. CAT POWER- lost someone (james brown, bobby byrd, lloyd stallworth)
6. NICK CAVE + BAD SEEDS- hold on to yourself

A good time was had by all!

The joint venture between the Davis Odd Fellows and Davis Media Access known as the "First Fridays" Concert Series launched last night, Feb. 6, 2009, with a spectacular show by Loose Acoustic Trio and The Rubber Souldiers.

Loose Acoustic Trio kicked us off with a fine set and an encore. Yeah, we like their hats, and their music too. Big thanks to Richie Lawrence, Ken Cooper and Steve O'Neill. Be sure to find out more about them here.

School spending, appreciation of Partansky on KDRT's Davisville

Davis Enterprise schools reporter Jeff Hudson discusses the local school budget on the next edition of Davisville, a new public affairs program on KDRT.  The program will also feature a separate, brief appreciation of Julie Partansky, the former mayor of Davis who died in January. 

on Wrong Side of the Tracks 1/28

Some technical difficulties prohibited me from playing all The Beatles tunes I wanted to, as well as some Calvin Johnson.

se la vie.


1. THE VASELINES- son of a gun
2. THE BEATLES- i've just seen a face
3. M.WARD- never had nobody like you
3. O'DEATH- lowtide
4. BEATBEAT WHISPER- mismanaged skies
5. THE BEATLES- looking through you
7. SHE & HIM- you really got a hold on me (smoky robinson)
8. HEARTLESS BASTARDS- the mountain
9. STEPHEN MALKMUS & LEE RENALDO- can't leave her behind
(b.dylan "i'm not there" soundtrack)
10. SUFJAN STEVENS- ring them bells
(b.dylan "i'm not there" soundtrack)
11. NICO- i'll keep it with mine
12. SYD BARRETT- late night
13. LEONARD COHEN- lady midnight
14. THE BLACK KEYS- wicked messenger
(b.dylan "i'm not there" soundtrack)
15. CALVIN JOHNSON- ambulance driver blues
(K records)
16. THE BARTLEBEES- wilst du mit mir gehen?
("will you go with me?"- K records)
17. OLD TIME RELIJUN- johnny appleseed
(K records)