Amazing Grapes Live in studio May 17, 5 PM

Who are the Amazing Grapes you say?

The Amazing Grapes is Bob Palasek, Erich Sylvester, and Mike Billo.
The band performs songs from the classic jug bands of the 1920s, as well as some hillbilly hokum, old time jazz and ragtime.
The band employs all the classic sounds of the jug band: harmonica, banjo, guitar, jug, and kazoo, plus fiddle, mandolin, and washboard.
Erich and Bob are Alumni of the Cincinnati Dancing Pigs, one of America's oldest, ongoing Jug Bands.
Mike is a 40 year veteran of the San Francisco Jug Band scene.

Mountain Mama's Earth Music celebrates Mother's Day

I think I sent this to the wrong place the first time : )

Mountain Mama's tribute to the wicked lovely job of being a mom ... and trying out a new name for the show. With poetry by Gillian Wegener, Antler and Grace Paley.

1) Wild Mountain Honey, Steve Miller Band 4:52
2) Life, Love and Laughter, Donavan Frankenreiter 3:11
3) Say Hey, Michael Franti and Spearhead, 3:56
4) Mama I’m Coming Home, by Ozzie Ozborne 4:12
5) Warm and Tender, Caitlin Cary 4:45
6) Didn’t Leave Nobody But the Baby, Emmylou Harris, Allison Krauss and Gillian Welch 1:58
7) Bulah Land, by Gillian Welch 4:34

Duval + Speck...Go!

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There are a couple of fine women in this town who have always supported KDRT & Davis Media Access. They will be playing this Saturday at 7:00 pm at the Davis Arts Center. Be sure to check them out and rock your soul...and Cathy's soul. She really needs it...and so do we!

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'wrong side' playlist for 3/18

some of these bands are in austin this weekend for the South By Southwest music fest.
check 'em out in yer town and/or on the internet: youtube/myspace.

1. THE FALL- mr. pharmacist
2. THE INTELLIGENCE- moon beeps (sxsw) portland
3. THEE OH SEES- ghost in the trees (sxsw?) s.f.
4. NOBUNNY- not that good (sxsw?) oakland
5. HANK IV- i'm quitting (sxsw) s.f.
6. THE JESUS LIZARD- mistletoe
7. PONYTAIL- all together now
8. MAYYORS- white jeep (sxsw) sacto
9. PONYTAIL- jammin' in a major scale
10. SCREAMING FEMALES- mothership
11. THE INTELLIGENCE- block of ice (sxsw) pdx

Some Rise, Some get to Terrapin

Hey out there in Radio Land!

This Sunday, on the Golden Road, we will highlight the legendary 3/18/77 show of the Grateful Dead at San Francisco's infamous Winterland Arena. Hard to let the month of March go on by without turning the spotlight on a show that included the first pairing of Scarlet Begonias & Fire On The Mountain, breakout versions of Estimated Prophet, and the beautifully orchestrated Terrapin Station including the once-performed "Alhambra" portion of the suite.