Lyrics to "How Sweet, How Fair This Likeness Is"

How sweet, how fair this likeness Is,
So sweet as never eye beheld!
Its heavenly image fills my breast,
My heart, with new emotion pressed,
Some quality I ne'er could name
Yet here it burns with steady flame.
Should this emotion love be called?
Ah yes, it is to love I yield!
Ah, could I not but find her here!
Ah, if to me she were but near,
I should, I should be-warm and pire-
What should I do?-
I should embrace her tenderly
Close to my heart in ecstasy,
And then forever she'd be mine.

Mountain Mama gets down to her rockabilly roots

Hi there … and welcome to Mountain Mama’s Earth Music … home grown and getting down to my rockabilly roots

1) Tell My Mother I Miss Her So, Ryan Bingham & the Dead Horses 4:12
2) 1952 Vincent Black Lightening, Reckless Kelly 5:30
3) Mississippi Kid, Lynrd Skynrd 3:56

For a night or two give me a gravelly voice singing in some dark cornered bar with a good dance floor and watch the world dissolve

4) It’s All Over Now, by The Rolling Stones 3:27
5) Crazy Mama, JJ Cale 2:31
6) K-Line, Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons 5:03

Gary Snyder, I Went Into the Maverick Bar

Lyrics to Ecco ridente in Cielo (Dawn with her rosy mantle) from show of 8/19/09

Dawn with her rosy mantle,
Stands at the gate of morning.
Night's gloom afar is driven,
Yet thou art slumbering still!
Wake, and arise my fairest,
Look forth, in beauty beaming,
Brighter than sunshine gleaming,
With joy my heart to fill.

Oh, moment of rapture,
Her fair hand appeareth;
My sighing she heareth!
My prayer she grants,
Bissfull moment,
She appeareth!

My sighing
She heareth!
Ye moments ,oh, hasten,
Until I behold her!
Until I have told her
My heart she enchants,
Until I have told her my heart she enchants.

The Golden Road meets Neal Cassady and The Story of Cassidy

Join me this Sunday LIVE from 7 to 9 pm with the fabled & legendary tales of Neal Cassady and how the tune "Cassidy" came alive. Break out your trusty road & mind maps and get ready for a journey 'round the Great West and beyond. BUT WAIT! There is more!!!!

KDRT's finest, Mountain Mama, is coming out of the hills in the nick of time to join me as we double-clutch the twisting roads to nirvana.

Earth Mama dives into cool water

Hi there … and welcome to Mountain Mama’s Earth Music … home grown and looking for cool water

1) Sweet Water, Gary Hoey 4:12
2) Water, ALO 7:35

Me and Lake Catherine by Arthur Heehler, a delightful Davis poet who is gone from us now.

3) Don’t Drink the Water, by Dave Matthews Band, 6:38
4) Skimming Stones, by Beth Orton 5:51

Gary Snyder, Rain in Alleghany

5) Cool Water, Marty Robbins 3:12
6) Bread and Water, Ryan Bingham 4:07

Water by Wendell Berry
I was born in a drouth year. That summer
my mother waited in the house, enclosed

Interviewing the Eclectic Dinosaur

Four years ago, on Aug. 9, a Brooklyn-born retired steelworker named Lee Renault, a.k.a. The Eclectic Dinosaur, launched a music show on KDRT and has been going strong ever since. Why "The Eclectic Dinosaur?" It's all about the music--a very odd and diverse collection spanning probably seven decades, and full of hidden gems and musical trivia. So, it's eclectic, for sure. And much of it's old, so I think that makes Lee the dinosaur. ;)

English Translations of songs from Dr. Paul's Classic Hour of 8/5/09

Giunse alfin il desio / At Last Comes the Moment...Come Hurry My Love

At comes the moment
when, without reserve, I can rejoice
in my lovers arms:
timid scruples, hence from my heart,
and do not come to trouble my delight

Oh how the spirit of this place,
the earth and the sky, seem
to echo the fire of my love!
How the night furthers my stealth!

Come, hurry, my beloved,
to the desire of the one who adores you!
I shall die if you leave me
still to sigh in vain.

Oh, my darling, remember
Your promises, your vows!
And those moments of solace

Mountain Mama searches for a used car

Hi there … and welcome to Mountain Mama’s Earth Music … home grown and looking for a good used car

1) Mercedez Benz, Janice Joplin 1:48
2) Pink Cadillac, Jerry Lee Lewis with Bruce Springsteen 3:55

Portrait of a Motor Car by Carl Sandburg
IT’S a lean car … a long-legged dog of a car … a gray-ghost eagle car.
The feet of it eat the dirt of a road … the wings of it eat the hills.
Danny the driver dreams of it when he sees women in red skirts and red sox in his sleep.
It is in Danny’s life and runs in the blood of him … a lean gray-ghost car.