Mountain Mama fights the fever

This is radio station KDRT, 95.7 here in Davis, Ca.

Hi there … and welcome to Mountain Mama’s Earth Music … home grown and wrestling a fever

1) Fever, Shirley Horn. 4:46
2) She Talks to Angels, the Black Crowes 5:29

Infant Pneumonia, by Cheryl Gatling

3) Say A Little Prayer, Greg Brown 4:12
4) Didn’t Leave Nobody But the Baby, Emmy Lou Harris, Allison Krauss and Gillian Welch 1:58
5) I Am Weary, The Cox Family, 3:14

The Fever Monument by Richard Brautigan
I walked across the park to the fever monument.
It was in the center of a glass square surrounded

KDRT's Bill Buchanan back in print!

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Programmer Bill Buchanan's DAVISVILLE radio show was the subject of an article on the front page of the Tuesday, September 22 Davis Enterprise. Bill was a longtime print journalist so it is great to see him back in ink. I also happen to know that Bill will be hosting two upcoming television shows regarding local Measure P. So if you can't get enough of Bill from his great show, or from reading the Enterprise, tune into DCTV cable channel 15 to see him on television. Check out the Davis Enterprise article have to log in to see it. Or go buy a copy on the racks for that satisfying newspaper feel.

Freddie Oakley (19 Sept 2009) on That's Life

Freddie Oakley is a wonder! As Yolo County's Clerk-Recorder, she not only keeps our elections running; she also finds new and creative ways to address problems as they arise, looks to the future and offers solutions for NEW problems BEFORE they arise, and is an expert resource to other counties and states (and researchers) about election issues. A frequent guest on my old DCTV show "Thoughtfulness", Freddie has helped us understand everything from what State regulations affect our elections -- to how the gubernatorial recall worked -- to details of being a voter. On my 2009 radio show, Freddie describes legislation

Lyrics to Por Ti Volare

When I Live Alone
I dream of a horizon
with no words.
In the shadow and amongst lights
for my sight it's all black
if you are not with

in your world
separated from mine by an abyss
call me
I'll fly
to your distant world

for you I'll fly
wait for me I'll arrive
my trip's end is you
for living it we two.
For you I'll fly
by skies and seas
up to your love.
Openiong the eyes at last
with you I'll live

When you are far
I dream of a horizon
with no words.
And I know that you are always there, there
a moon made for me
always illuminated for me

down-tempo tunes on 9-9-9

Playlist for "The Wrong Side of the Tracks" 09/09/09
live Wednesdays 7-8pm on KDRT 95.7 fm
rebroadcast Mondays 7-8pm & Saturdays 8-9 pm

archived @

1. SILVER JEWS -inside the golden days of missing you
2. JEFF TWEEDY- simple twist of fate (b.dylan)
3. SEA OF BEES- willis (sacto!)
4. STEPHEN MALKMUS- can't leave her behind (b.dylan)
5. LEONARD COHEN- the old revolution
6. OH FOOT- what is love (lyrics by haddaway) davis!
7. GARRETT PIERCE- the fireworks were fish exploding (davis!)
8. SAID THE SHARK- you'd never know

Mountain Mama practices letting go

Hi there … and welcome to Mountain Mama’s Earth Music … home grown and making peace with the letting go … with the shift … there did you feel it

1) I’ll Be Around, Bobby Bare Jr. 4:36
2) Happy Ending, Chuck Prophet 3:23

In Her Mother’s Country, by Sandy Longhorn

3) Lullaby, The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit 3:53
4) You Got Gold, John Prine 4:38

A Little Tooth by Thomas Lux
Your baby grows a tooth, then two,
and four, and five, then she wants some meat
directly from the bone. It's all

over: she'll learn some words, she'll fall

Some days this radio thing just makes you smile

I left the studio after taping Speakeasy today with a huge grin on my face. Turning the tables on Koren Motekaitis (host of "How She Really Does It" on KDRT, Fridays 10 am-noon) by putting her in the interviewee's seat was a hoot. Then I took a little trip down memory lane by playing a portion of an interview with the inimitable Jeff Shaw (DJ Shaw-zam) that we did last year. Spent some time reflecting on KDRT's past & future--this radio station turns 5 on Sept 24!

Capped it all with a little Grateful Dead, which was for Rod, btw.

A good day--how could it not be?

Beatlemania on KDRT!

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In celebration of the re-release of the entire Beatles music catalog, KDRT DJ’s Jim Buchanon and Dr. Strangely Strange will host a two part Beatles special. Seldom heard stories, interviews, alternate versions and live cuts will be featured along with the newly re-mastered songs. Part 1 (the early years) will air on Live Tracks, Thursday, September 10 from 8-10 pm, and part 2 (the later years) can be heard on The Magical Music Box, Sunday, September 13 from 7-9pm. You may also listen via internet streaming here at