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Tune in 4-7pm for a chance to win big for Healthy Davis Neighbors Night Out!

Listen to the recorded broadcast here:  Healthy Davis Neighbors Night Out 2021 Broadcast

KDRT is proud to partner with the City of Davis to bring you a special broadcast Sunday October 17, from 4-7 p.m. We'll air interviews from Healthy Davis Together founders, Aggie Public Health Ambassadors, Davis City Councilmembers, music requested by neighborhood hosts, and more! We'll also give away $3,000 worth of certificates from Davis businesses for goods and services on each half-hour mark.

Listen for how to claim one of these grand prize packages! Tune in from your neighborhood party -- blast your car radio on 95.7 fm, or stream on your phone at Stay safe, have fun and win big!

We're back on the air!

Evening UPDATE, MAY 13: We're broadcasting and livestreaming again. Thank you for your patience!

Listen at 95.7 FM in Davis, at, or if you want to hear a program via our website:

  • Find and select the program you want at ... for example, "Celtic Songlines"
  • Find the episode you want to hear, and select its title (URL) ... for example, "Celtic Songlines April 27, 2021"
  • And listen!

Behind the broadcast: rebuilt computer system for the new year!

On Tuesday, December 22, we rebuilt our computer automation system. And, due to the pandemic, we are currently limiting studio access, which meant we turned off our transmitter while we did the work. If you heard intermittent periods without a broadcast, that was why. Things are back to normal now!    

Please consider a year-end donation to your locally owned, locally operated, all-volunteer-programmed, low-power radio station -- go to Any donation goes to keep the station on the air!

High Country Music Radio debut show!

Tune into the debut show of High Country Music Radio tomorrow, Tuesday, August 20 at 11am and "leave the big city behind," as your host Rusty Nail says.   

Starting tomorrow, every Tuesday at 11am consider it your time to tap your feet to "music born from the mountains, plains, rivers and deserts"  - check out the show page here to listen to the archive if you can't make the debut:

Spring Fundraiser Week at KDRT - May 13-20!

Spring has sprung!    KDRT 95.7fm is blooming, but could use a little mulch to keep those roots growing!    DONATE HERE 

Please donate today using this webform: or click the banner above!

Davis Media Access (DMA) is the licensee of KDRT-LP, and we’ve launched our annual appeal!    Using media tools and hands-on technical training, DMA has provided capacity building in our community for 30 years.  As a media and technology center, a community gathering place, and a content distributor, DMA works with people from all walks of life to address issues and topics often ignored by mainstream media.

Support Davis Media Access via the Big Day of Giving

As the Big Day of Giving – affectionately known as Big DoG—gears up for its sixth year, several local non-profits have teamed up with Sudwerk Brewing Co. to carry on a community event that focuses on fun and philanthropy.

Davis Media Access, Davis Music Festival, Davis Phoenix Coalition, and Soroptimist of Greater Davis are the combined force behind Big Day at the Dock, to be held Thursday, May 2, 2019, from 6-9 p.m. at the Sudwerk Brewing Co. Dock Store, 2001 Second Street in Davis. Davis Media Access and Davis Music Festival began organizing Big DoG events with Sudwerk five years ago, with the event growing and other partners joining over time. This year's event features a record 27 area non-profits participating.

You can schedule a donation to Davis Media Access via BigDog today.  And on the day of BigDog you may donate at this link.

On-Air pitching tips for Fall 2019

FALL 2019

Talking points for on-air pitching -- approach it as a listener and as a DJ

When listing reasons for listeners to donate to KDRT, talk about the aspects of KDRT that you enjoy participating in the most.  Be passionate, upfront, and personal and explain exactly why listeners need to go to their computers and support KDRT.  Consider that it’s possible that listeners are listening via the computer at that very moment.

KDRT needs your support, October 28 to November 3!

Deep Roots!     That is what we all need to survive today!     Help us grow our roots deep in Davis this fall during our short fundraiser, October 28 to November 3!    Now is the time to give us a few bucks, a monthly donation, or a healthy dose of appreciation- whatever you think we deserve for our work.    We operate on a shoestring, lots of volunteer passion, and you!    KDRT-LP 95.7 fm is an effort we all put time into, and now is that time for our listeners and supporters.    

How can you help?     

Besides donating, plan to attend one of these fun events we've cooked up this week:

Tune in for Spring 2018 "Band-A-Thon"! (and please donate!)

This Saturday, June 2, as part of the DMA Annual Appeal, KDRT hosts a treasure trove of young musicans in the DCTV studio, broadcasting live 1-5pm, and recording on video for future viewing.

Tune in to 95.7fm or to hear 3 piece combo led by Josh Wisterman, followed immediately by local favorite Ryan McBride.   At 2pm check out The Mechula, a self described “post-bop jazz quartet.”  

At 3pm, a 14-piece orchestra of Juniors and Seniors from Davis High School called “Sax By Popular Demand” showcase their talent.    The live “Band-A-Thon” closes with young musician A.J. Hicks performing at 4pm.