$5k Challenge Donation - Seeking to match by June 30

Davis Media Access is conducting its annual spring fund raising drive, which ends with our fiscal year on June 30. As you'll see in the progress bar to the right, we have a ways to go. We have, however, received a $5k challenge donation that we will receive if we raise matching funds by June 30. If you have not donated, now would be an excellent time! Why donate to DMA? DMA helps people tell their stories, to share what’s important & what connects us. We create community and foster free expression using media. We support youth media, and provide hands-on training and technical support for various media projects. Donations to DMA directly support grassroots radio station KDRT, local election programming on DCTV, and part-time staff who contribute a wealth of expertise and program oversight at the media center. We cannot do this work without community support. DMA is a non-profit organization, and our work is made possible by your support and donations. If you like what DMA does, what we stand for and the opportunities we provide, we ask you to please list your name as a supporter. Your support helps us keep these services alive and available to all Davis Media Access. Keep the Story Unfolding.

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