Shining Light

Join beloved KDRT show hostess SaraTAPS & siSTAR Kirsten Elise, a local transformational teacher and empathic healer for inspiring topics, live twice monthly!!

Together, they'll spend an hour exploring a variety of topics to inspire, uplift and support listeners in living a heart centered life and expanding into their full power and full potential.


It's been a major year since Shining Light aired on KDRT.

Perhaps you are wondering, "Who are these cosmic ladies + what are they up to these days? "

Well... Much has changed, fallen away or leveled up since the first cycle of Shining LIght!!

Kirsten & Sara continue to study + love + share a passion for all things "Aquarian Age".

Both offer Kundalini Technology weekly to the radiant & fast growing commUNITY of Sacred Rebels, Cosmic Waderers & Mystical Householders in Yolo County. And, now worldwide, since 2020 conditions changed the game. [zoom much, anyone?!] 

These two Dakini's also have thriving private healing practices that utilize huge took kits of self-loving, soul-healing modalities & are excited to explore some of their ideas with the KDRT collective on Sunday afteroons.


Stay in touch in-between broadcasts!

Instagram: @satnamsquad +

Sat Nam!



Music programs are only online for two weeks after they are broadcast.

Shining Light on The Aquarian Age (It's here!!)

SHINING LIGHT is back & brighter than ever!!

Kirsten Elise + SaraTAPS return for a SECOND CYCLE of curious conversations, uplifting ideas, JOYBEAMS and more

Offering warm invitations to open your heart even more, to invite more possibilites into your life and to celebrate the Aquarian Age magics available to ALL, with us

And of course, some feel-good-feels to sparkle a little extra light onto you, transmitted throught the powerful auditory currents of the KDRT 95.7fm magical starship of sound commUNITY transponder 




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