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"We have a tropical situation where there are thousands of 'species' of music around and they're all constantly cross-breeding and hybridizing. It's very exciting, but you can't keep up with it easily." -- Brian Eno

Ecotones are zones of transition between different habitats and often have a vibrant diversity of species. The Audio Ecotone explores the rich species diversity, cross-breeding, and hybridizing of music of the past 100 years: rock, jazz, pop, r&b, soul, country, ska, electronica, J-Pop/C-Pop/K-Pop, afrobeat, and many more from the 1920s to the 2020s.

Live Friday 3-4pm
Music programs are only online for two weeks after they are broadcast.

The Audio Ecotone for 3:00pm on Jul 12th, 2024

On this week's Audio Ecotone, we try to beat the heat by celebrating WATER in all its phases: liquid, solid, vaporous, metaphorical, metaphysical ... and above all musical, including music from the Aquabats!, Parliament, Sergio Mendes, Dr. John, Loudon Wainwright III and the Taiwanese singer Chyi (Qi Yu 齊豫).

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