3rd Streaming

Coined in 1957 by Brandeis University professor Gunther Schuller, “Third Stream” is a term used to describe the synthesis of classical and jazz. Join DJ Gary Chew to discover some Third Stream sounds for yourself. 

Replays Tuesday 9-11pm, Saturday 7-9pm
Live Tuesday 1-3pm
Music programs are only online for two weeks after they are broadcast.
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Swell programming! Thanks Gary. When is the next fund drive ?

Excellent show with a wide variety of music. I particularly like the symphonic works you play, including the rarely heard symphonies by 20th century masters. 

Here it is Saturday at 7:00pm and the most beautiful sounds are coming out of the radio. Ahh, of course, it's Gary Chew's show 3rd Streaming. Thanks for doing such great work sharing Great Sounds not usually heard. Thanks.

Thanks to you.  Whoever you are.  You and I have such good taste.  :)  -gc




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